Design for the Neighborhood

Haighteration recently broke news on our upcoming nano brewery and brew supply store Black Sands.

Following the news we’ve been visited with positive feedback from neighbors, merchants, and residents in the Lower Haight and beyond. Neighbors have visited us in our related sister business Revolver on Fillmore, voicing their support and some going as far to offer materials, and advice for our project.  We can't tell you how much it means to have our neighbors as excited as we are. This project is a long awaited dream of ours and we can't wait to share it.

OK, we're about to get sappy on you... ( picture in your head a bearded man crying over his keyboard ). In all honesty, it's still a bit surreal to be writing these words. We have been spitballing, tossing, dreaming and planning this idea for years. To have our Lower Haight location secure, and to have Haighteration break the news makes us endlessly excited. There is not a better location and community that we would rather serve. We’re thrilled to be part of this neighborhood and even more that we’re designing a location and service that exudes the passion, creativity, and charm that is San Francisco.

We’re a small business and wanted to share that we’ve been active in San Francisco for over 5 years through other projects like Revolver on Fillmore. We’re using local architects, local contractors, local suppliers and are employing local residents in helping us achieve our vision of a warm, honest, and friendly place to enjoy well crafted slow beers, food and community. We're excited by the challenge of building something that benefits the community and represents it to visitors form around the world.

Keep posted here for updates and news. If you guys have feedback - we're listening! We love ideas.


Thanks again!

Black Sands