Black Sands Logo Evolution


We have been working hard to refine the logo that is going to represent the Black Sands brand. We believe in the power of good design and want to incorporate a well thought out brand language for everything we make, from beer to websites. If you remember from an earlier post we started with a brand exercise that looked across the brewing process to establish potential metaphors and base shapes for our logo. We narrowed to the part of the brewing process that we appreciate most; fermentation.

Fermentation to us is where all the magic happens. We chose fermentation and the aspect of time to represent the Black Sands brand because the qualities match what we want to be. Fermentation is about time, it's slow, it rely's on natural processes. Black Sands is about slow, hand crafted beers. We believe in patience and natural processes to produce the best results in our beer and our food. 

As we narrowed to the time aspect of the brewing process we chose an hourglass as our metaphor to represent time and fermentation. We have been exploring the hourglass metaphor along a spectrum of logos that go from literal to abstract. Through this exploration we wanted a logo that truly stands for the Black Sands name and values. We wanted a logo that simple, modern, honest, and straightforward. We also wanted our logo to communicate the hourglass metaphor without being too literal or "beat you over the head" with it. We have come up with a logo that we feel achieves all these goals. Check out the top of the page to see it in action and look for the Black Sands logo in action in many more places soon!