November Newsletter - Silver Linings!

We are wrapping another highly productive month on the journey to opening Black Sands. As you are very aware, the building is under full construction these past few weeks, and we are excited to share a myriad of updates with you.  

Silver Linings

We know how patient you all are being, and trust us, we are just as anxious to get open and start serving you great tasting beers. But, with the additional time and effort, there are some great silver linings! The extra time and attention is going to pay off. We have reorganized the floor plan to maximize comfort and seating. We have a more efficient and better access to our brew house, including a plan for roll up garage doors that open right to the brewery. The structural work on the foundation will ensure a safe building for years to come, and we will be getting a more modern and beautiful concrete floor for the entire building. We also have a larger bar area, seating right up to the kitchen, and a window to serve coffee to outside patrons. The extra time and effort is going to pay off. 

Building Updates

First of all, we are happy to see a lot of progress happening on the actual building construction. It took us quite some time to redraw our architectural plans, get the building evaluated for structural improvements and resubmit our plans to the permitting department. The planing is behind us, the floors are ripped up, walls are down, and steel enforcing beams are going in.

Better for Bikes

We are working towards applying for better outdoor spaces, and more bike parking. We meet often with the SF bike coalition, and recently applied for new bike racks with the SFMTA which were promptly installed. Thanks SFMTA! As time goes on we will be looking for other ways to improve our outdoor spaces and bike parking. 

Mural Projects

During construction, there always tends to be some less than exposed walls. We saw a large blank wall and couldn't help but paint it black. We like keeping the neighborhood beautiful, and as artists we can't resist a blank canvas. The murals are a great way to beautify the construction and also a way to discourage graffiti. So we made calls to local artists and friends to cover the wall with murals. 

An art project called "Looking For" from local artist. Some great coverage in Bold Italic about the mural. 

Another mural from local artist  Lara Buelow

And we finished the last bit of free wall space with our own mural. 

Home Brew Store Crushing It

Our home-brew store is open, successful, and already helping to build a great community! Lower Haight and San Francisco happen to be saturated with homebrewers and we are getting great feedback from customers and locals. Thank you everyone for your support and interest! The shop has been serving advanced to beginner homebrewers and is a lively little spot on weekends from 10-6, so stop by and say hello! Also we have had some great opportunities to partner with local writers and magazines that are interested in what we are doing. Here are a few links to recent articles:


Coming Lower Haight Brewpub Debuts Mural, Brew Kits


Black Sands Get New Murals, Bike Racks

We invite you to shop online too @

Open Sourcing Beer

One of our major initiatives at Black Sands is to open source beer. We want to spread knowledge, create a community and teach homebrewers that they can make great beer at home. We recently launched a whole new section of our website that has all of our recipes for homebrewers to download and make themselves. We also just initiated a new project to involve all the local SF breweries in a recipe sharing program. We have asked each brewery to donate recipes so that homebrewers can make beers from popular breweries around the city. We are happy to announce that we already have a great response from breweries wanting to participate. Soon we will have recipes for homebrewers from the likes of Magnolia, Southpaw, Headlands, Cerveceria, Thirsty Bear and Barrel Head! More information on this soon.

Brew Your First With Us 

e have lots of demand for easy ways to get into the amazing hobby of homebrewing. So much that we started making our own custom brew kits. Our first kit is a signature SMASH beer (single malt and single hop) that makes getting into homebrewing easy with a great tasting result. The kits are available in our store, and just recently we signed up another retailer, Gravel & Gold, to carry them as well. We are currently in talks with a few other places, so hopefully you will see Black Sands beer kits all around the city soon!



Just in, Black Sands T-shirts! come get em while they last! Pure black beautiful tees for all sizes. Available in the store or online.

SF Craft Beer Festival

We had a great opportunity to be the sponsor and facilitator of the Sense lab at the recent SF Craft Beer festival. Many a beer enthusiast stopped by to smell and taste brewing ingredients and learn more about homebrewing. We had a great time, and can't wait till next year!

Joined the Guild

We officially have joined the San Francisco Homebrewers Guild and have been attending meetings. This organization is a great way to connect with other like-minded brewers, learn, talk, and share beer. If you are a homebrewer, or interested in becoming one, check out the guild. The next event we will be attending is a home-brew share at Pi Bar on Saturday November 22nd