HomeBrew Classes Now Available!

Want to learn how to expertly homebrew?

Want to see what this whole "all grain" thing is about? 

Join Black Sands Brewery and Supply for a day of educational homebrewing. Observe our head brewer Cole Emde going through the entire brewing process from choosing a recipe to pitching the yeast. Learn about the process of all grain homebrewing and get tips and tricks to making great beer at home. We will provide everything that is needed, including a recipe and all the equipment and ingredients. Each participant will have the ability to observe the brewing process, ask questions, take notes, and leave with a 10% off coupon for our homebrew supply store.

Our first class will be held on December 13th from 10am - 4pm at 3378 18th Street in San Francisco. Participants classes are $50, and there is a total of 12 participants. First come first serve on class signup. 

Visit our online store to purchase your ticket!

* please note that this class is observation only and does not allow you to take home any beer.* class dates and location may be subject to change. if for any reason a class date or time needs to change, we can offer a full refund.