Black Sands - Newsletter #9 - The Silence Has Ceased

The Silence Has Ceased

If you have been by 701 Haight in the past month you have noticed that there is a ton of progress happening. We went from a mostly silent construction site to the bustling orchestra of jackhammers, drills and clanking shovels. We are officially a structurally sound building! The photo might not look like much but the building is on its way to a long 2nd life!

This month we dug the floor and basement out, framed and poured new concrete for the foundational walls, rebuilt the pierce street wall with new garage door openings and large windows, and last but not least, removed the cribs to open the space back up and allow the building to stand on its own again. Thats more progress than we could ask for in a single month. We are looking forward to another orchestral month in December that finally gets back on track to opening!

Building Updates

The majority of the foundational concrete has been poured and the building is standing on its own. The wiggle river is flowing directly under the building so new plumbing and pumps are being installed to deal with the natural water source underneath. We’re working with our plumber on ways to hopefully use the water stream for cleaning purposes, gardening and even potentially filtering for use in beers. Literally there is Black Sands under our building! The building is finally structurally intact and improvements are being worked on.

The new structural changes in the building have allowed us to make some exciting changes to the layout that we hope will provide for a better service offering. The brewery is being expanded and the ADA ramp is being incorporated into a front entrance with a level ground floor design. We’re working with a local metal worker to provide new tables and bars to better accommodate customers! We’re excited and while it may still bit off things are finally starting to really move inside!

Brewing and Collaborating

The best part of brewing beer is that you have so much to experiment with. The best part about doing it in San Francisco is all the interesting people that are willing to help you with cool ideas. We have been very busy brewing beers at a homebrew scale to test them out, and if they are good they will likely hit your lips soon. Here are a few of the beers and collaborations we have done in the last month.


Beer + Wiggle

We are brewing up a bike friendly Wiggle beer. Inspired by the famous bike route our building is on, we call it least resistance after the the underground river that made the wiggle what it is. Least Resistance is a session black IPA that is low in alcohol, but tastes full flavored with chocolate and coffee notes and a good bitterness. It’s like a shy younger brother of our black IPA that you can have a few of and still get on the Wiggle and be safe. We brought this to the homebrew share at PI bar sponsored by the SF Homebrewers Guild. We also were happy to hand out gift certificates to the winner of the homebrew share.


Coffee meet beer. We met with our coffee roaster a few months back and brainstormed some ideas on a collaboration beer. With a bag of freshly roasted beans provided by our friends at De La Paz we made a rich, flavorful coffee milk stout. A little lactose sugar for milk flavor and consistency, and aged on whole vanilla beans and whole roasted coffee beans. We will just say that this batch didn’t last long at all. Thanks De La Paz for the fantastic coffee. 

Beer + 4505 Meats

There is only one thing that might be better than beer and that is smoked meat. 4505 Meats on Divisadero and Grove is one of our favorite spots. We have been talking to them about carrying Black Sands beer on tap for quite some time now. Even though we can’t give them kegs of dark rich beer for BBQ pairings… we had another idea. We took grains over to them from our homebrew shop and smoked them for 3 hours right inside their meat smoker. The result was some amazingly aromatic and flavorful BBQ’ed grains. We used them to make a robust smoked porter that is currently fermenting. Looking forward to tasting it, and collaborating more with the awesome folks at 4505. Thanks meat smokers.

Beer + History

There is a great new book out called The Brewer’s Tale. It is by a local author named William Bostwick. We met will at Cerveceria and quickly over a beer decided his book belonged in one of our kits. We pulled a great medieval herbal ale recipe that William wrote and gathered the ingredients. The kit includes everything you need to make Will’s ancient beer recipe and a copy of his new book The Brewer’s Tale!

Homebrew Store

We are seeing an increase in the amount of homebrewers coming into the homebrew store each month and we’re busy all day Saturday’s and Sunday’s teaching people how to brew their first batch, or helping with their hundredth. Here are a few new things going on in the shop.


As part of our commitment to transparency and open sourcing beer, we have our entire library of recipes online and it’s growing day by day. All the recipes are in the store for free and we have an entire section of our website where you can download recipes. We will be growing this out and expanding with our recipes, other home brewer’s recipes and even local breweries who donate recipes. 

Black Sands Beer Recipes Online

Beginner Kits

Kits are running out the door. We debuted our first homebrew kit last month, and since then have nearly sold out of our first run. We also have scaled up our variety of kits. we now have 4 different kits. Choose from a SMASH Nelson IPA, Chocolate Milk Stout, Belgian Saison, and our collaboration recipe with William Bostwick Elder Fire. We even put together a custom label kit for labeling your own bottles.

Black Sands Beer Kits

Homebrewer’s guild sponsor

We are pleased to announce that we are an official sponsor of the San Francisco Hombrewer’s Guild. The SFHG is a local group of dedicated homebrewers that we love being a part of. The spirit is all about fun, knowledge sharing, and community events. Its a great organization to be a part of if you are heavy into beer and homebrewing. All members of the guild get a 10% discount off of their orders at the homebrew shop. 

Beer Making Classes

Interested in beer making but not sure where to start? We love maintaining a beginner’s spirit and are eager to help those interested in beer making. Join Black Sands Brewery and Supply for a day of educational homebrewing. Observe our head brewer Cole Emde going through the entire brewing process from choosing a recipe to pitching the yeast. Learn about the process of all grain homebrewing and get tips and tricks to making great beer at home. We will provide everything that is needed, including a recipe and all the equipment and ingredients. Each participant will have the ability to observe the brewing process, ask questions, take notes, and leave with a 10% off coupon for our homebrew supply store.

Our first class will be held on December 13th from 10am - 4pm at 3378 18th Street in San Francisco. Participants classes are $50, and there is a total of 12 participants. First come first serve on class signup.

Sign up Now

In the News

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Photo credit:  Samantha Benedict / Liquid Bread Magazine