Science, Beer, Yeast

Do you like beer? Of course you do. That was a rhetorical question. A better question might be, do you know why you like beer? During SF Beer Week, there are so many opportunities to better understand the science behind the beer we like. Last night, we walked over to an event at the SOMA Streat Food Park, where KQED Science, GigaYeast, and Freewheel Brewery screened a short film, "Science of Beer: Tapping the Power of Brewer's Yeast." The film explains the science behind the brewing process in a beautifully simple way and pays respect to the magical ingredient that makes it all happen—yeast.

After the screening, there were some cool presentations and discussions about yeast and brewing. We thoroughly enjoyed the event and the chance to talk science with the guys and gals from GigaYeast. What could be cooler than drinking local beers from Social Kitchen and Freewheel Brewery and hanging out inside an old schoolbus with some of the people who are making local beer happen? 

Check out "Science of Beer: Tapping the Power of Brewers Yeast" above and read the full writeup on KQED.