Extending the Black Sands Brand System


We're a patient bunch. As brewers, we have to be. Patience and time are two of the most critical factors in the brewing process. These qualities define our brand as a whole, even down to our visual system. Although we are patient, we are never idle. As we wait patiently for all the legal documents and licenses we'll need to start serving you quality beer in the Lower Haight, we're also working vigorously behind the scenes.

One of the most fun projects is creating our brand's visual language. We have a team of fantastic designers helping us establish our logo, labels, coasters, letterheads, keg collars, you name it. We're striving to develop an elegant brand language that conveys the qualities we want to embody. If you've been following along, you've seen initial explorations, studies, and evolutions of our brand language. Today, we unveil the latest extension of our system—the way we want to visualize each beer we make. Each Black Sands beer will have a unique flavor and name, with a visual consistency to make them feel like a family. Hope you like them! As always, stay tuned for more updates.