Signature Three Get Ready for the Keg


Onward. Up. Forward. Our march toward opening Black Sands is steady and true. To get our homebrew supply store and nano brewery open for all to enjoy, we have many things on our plate. Fortunately, next to that plate there's always a tall glass of homebrewed beer. In our case, we're having a love affair with three particular beers. These are our first signature recipes, and we've been brewing them at home for years. They're tasting lovely, and we feel like they're damn near complete. As we experiment, we diverge, we converge, we rule out, and we tweak, but we're very close to putting the final touches on these recipes. Here's a quick snapshot of our lineup:

1. S.M.A.S.H. Sorachi Ace 
We're dry-hopping this with a boatload of Sorachi Ace, and it'll be kegged up and ready to drink by the weekend!

2. The Black IPA
We racked this into the secondary fermenter, and we'll dry-hop it this week. Should be ready soon.

3. S.M.A.S.H. Citra
Our Citra recipe is racked into the secondary fermenter. We dry-hopped with 1.5 oz of Citra to crank this batch to 11!

Stay tuned for tasting notes.