Beer for Life

Loyal Black Sands Supporters,

We've been amazed by the support we've received from the local community, beer lovers and fellow beer makers! Thank you!

The Black Sand project is moving full steam ahead - our equipment just arrived and we're test brewing at our warehouse. 

We're set to start construction shortly and its time for us to give back to our early supporters by letting you know first about our new Beer for Life Program!

We're planning to open our doors in Summer 2014, and as a way to say thanks for your support, we're offering you the deal of a lifetime: Literally free pints for the rest of your life at our brewery!

The Black Sands Beer for Life program rewards anyone who donates $100 via IndieGoGo or more with one free pint of beer at Black Sands Brewery every month for life. That simple. No Gimmicks - No Tricks. Beer for Forever

How it will work!

Black Sands supporters will be able to redeem their free monthly beer with our Black Sands mobile application. If the IndieGoGo campaign closes successfully we'll send you a download code and link. You'll login and come to Black Sands and redeem your beer in person at our location! That simple! No tricks, no gimmicks. You can choose from one of our many beers including IPAs, Stouts, Porters, and more. There will also be reminders and little specials for early supporters through the app.   

Why IndieGoGo?

We want to offer an opportunity to enable people to support local small scale manufacturing in the United States but at more accessible price points. Quality is expensive but if we can garner your support for upfront production and equipment costs, it will enable us to meet and batch production to lower pricing.  Everyone wins! We also hope you'll stay around and support us by having dinner and more!

Risks and Challenges?

San Francisco is one of the greatest cities in the world to conduct business in and be part of-- however, building codes, permits, and the inspection process can be a bit of a Byzantine labyrinth. 

Luckily we have an amazing team with experienced architects, permit expeditors, furniture builders and brewers all working together. We're working with the best in opening this bar.

Luckily we also have experience from our other restaurants and retail stores and have used that experience in this project.

This project has been designed within the guidelines and regulations of the City and the County of San Francisco. We are fully confident in our team of professionals to navigate through all necessary measures.

We invite you to participate in our Beer for Life Program

Thank you for your support. As always, feel free to keep up to date with any of the following!

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