Local Volunteering

Every Saturday for us is a beer tasting event. That is, we taste beers while we make beer, and every Saturday we brew beer. We typically sip a session beer while we brew, as to keep our wits about us as we fine tune our recipes. However, Saturday March 29th was a beer tasting that was slightly different than our last few.

On the 29th we volunteered at the Ratebeer Gallery 3 event at SPUR in San Francisco. This was the third of three Bay Area beer events in the gallery series from Ratebeer that highlights new, best, and interesting beers. The gallery event also included speaking events, and of course many a conversation about beer ethics, practice, and history. There were over 20 beers for tasting and four different speaking events. We poured at the station serving Pliny the Elder and Deschutes Pine Drops IPA. Here is a list of the beers on tap and the speakers that attended the event.

The Beers that were poured:

The Brains that were speaking:

Volunteering to pour great tasting beers and socialize with beer lovers is our idea of a good Saturday. Ratebeer hosts some great events and they are a great way to taste a lot of delicious beers in one concentrated setting. You can always follow the Ratebeer calendar of events, But here are a few Ratebeer events that are happening in the bay area in the next month if your interested: