May Newsletter - Rockin', Framin', Brewin'

May Newsletter - Rockin', Framin', Brewin'

Hey! Hello friends, family, supporters, interested parties. Welcome to June. If you are in San Francisco, welcome to cold weather and fog. If you are basically anywhere else in the world, welcome to summer! This month we have so much to share. We have so many things going on that we may even have to leave some things out... on second thought, new here comes the deluge.

Permits Approved! 

After many months of planning, drawings, appointment, changes, submitting, fees, resubmitting... we have our permits in hand. This is a HUGE milestone for us. Building permits and inspections for architectural, health, and fire are the hardest part of starting a business in California. We did it, we got it, yes, YES. We are invigorated.  

Equipment Purchased and Shipped:

Almost every piece of major equipment for the space is ordered, shipped and received. Our kitchen is stocked with stoves, hoods and sinks. Our refrigerators for the kegs, and freezers for the hops are here and already in use. Our brewing equipment has all arrived and is being setup and plugged in for testing. The roofing fans and ducts are already on the roof. The Major pieces are all here and are either installed already or they are waiting for construction to frame out and finish. 

Construction is Full Bore:

With permits in hand we have the blessing from all necessary parties to build our space out. So exciting to have thoughts, plans, sketches, dreams, doodles for all this time, and now it's real. If you have walked by the space you will see it happening live, and most likely hear it (sorry neighbors!) There is so much happening, but here are some highlights. 

  • Sound proofing the roof has started with the first layer of dry wall rocked. We stuffed the old wooden wall beams with insulation and reenforced the floor joists. Our carpenters have put new support beams and additional framing to enforce the building's structure.  
  • The back floor has been ripped out, and the ADA wheelchair ramp is going in. We ripped up the back floor and jackhammered giant 60 year old cement boulders to pave the way for the ADA wheelchair ramp. 
  • The old windows are out. New sound proofed glass windows are going in all along Pierce street and we are even lowering the back windows back for larger windows for the brewery supply store area
  • Our bar area is framed out and the flooring is being removed so we can run our plumbing for the sinks and beer taps.    
  • Our fans and ducts arrived and we pulled them straight up to the ceiling for installation. 

Beers Are Tasting Amazing

With everything else going on, we are a busy group. Luckily we have a talented team and a lot of great help. This allows us to make leaps and bounds in getting the doors open, and also reserves the precious time to craft great tasting beers. This month we brewed three of our favorites. These will likely be on the menu on opening day.


Son of Man / This is our signature Black IPA. It is a solid dark hoppy beer. It has an aroma of chocolate and roasted malts mixed with the fruity character of citrus notes from an ample amount of dry hopping with Citra hops. its full flavor, and well rounded.


Heart of 100 Fires / Our red rye amber ale. This beer is blood red. We use a rich colored malt base and rye to add a spicy bite to it. Medium bodied and not overly hopped, this is a great malty pale and spicy amber.


Keeper of the Keyes / Our christmas barley wine. Inspired by family members, this English style barley wine packs a punch. With a double mash we used the first runnings to collect an insane amount of rush flavor and will be stored for about 9 months.

Hops / Contracts:

For our brewers, this past month has been largely about securing all the hops we need to make amazing tasting beers. Beer is a popular thing, and thus hops are in high demand. We have been lucky to create some great relationships with the farmers and suppliers of quality hops over the past 6 months. We have also had a great deal of help from generous and friendly brewers around the city. With these people's help we have secured all the hops we need for the rest of this year, and we are locking in our contracts for future hop harvests to guarantee us our quality ingredients to make great beer.


June Is Going to Be Interesting:

Each month that passes we grow closer to realizing our dream of getting Black Sands open for all to enjoy. With May closing, and June just getting started we are very optimistic. We have reached some very important milestones, and it just makes us want to work even harder. 

Thank you to everyone who supports us. We are constantly humbled by the feedback that we are getting. Know that we are working hard to bring this to you. Look to our social outlets for real time updates on progress, or stop by the space and pop your head in to say hello!