June Newsletter - Marking the Sands of Time

The Black Sands hour glass turns. Another month passes and this one has been very productive. This time one month ago we were just starting construction. And, similar to months in the past, June is filled with exciting progress. We have forged many great new relationships, fine tuned the tastes of what we are serving, planned new areas of the space, and designed the details of what will make Black Sands a wonderful neighborhood spot. With permits in hand the last month has been a whirlwind of construction, progress and learning lessons. We're eager to share these with you guys and keep you excited about the upcoming 2014 opening of Black Sands. We hope you enjoy these updates as much as we do. 

Construction Updates

Construction is moving fast, we're almost done with rough framing. There is a semi-functional bathroom, new ADA ramp, new beautiful windows and lots of structural improvements to bolster the old building. Electric panels have been setup and we're a few weeks worth of rough work before we start the finishing stages. We did hit a little bit of an unforeseen hiccup. There are some foundation issues with the building's basement and walls, but our supportive building owner is working with engineers to install some new seismic supports and repair foundation sections. This just happened about 2 weeks ago but we're working with the owner's contractors to get a firm ETA on the repairs.  

Beer Updates

Beer brewing never stops with us. As we await our final approval to use our new system, our test batches of beer taste better and better with each iteration. We have hops in hand that are straight from our distributors and we are fine tuning recipes for about a dozen different beers that we want to offer in the bar. Our brand team is diligently naming each beer and sketching out label designs for each one. Last month we brewed our signature SMASH series, our black IPA, two styles of our barley wine, and our red rye amber. Other recipes in the works include a session black IPA, a saison, an imperial stout, a baltic porter, a session ale, multiple SMASH series, and three levels of west coast IPA's.


Home Brew Shop Updates

We started as homebrewers before working in professional brewing settings and homebrewing is still an important element of what we do at Black Sands. Black Sands will feature a focused homebrew store featuring quality base malts, speciality malts, yeasts and hops from the around the world. We're hard at work securing hop contracts and are working with our architect to design an easy to use, aesthetically focused homebrew shop. Equally important we're going to be using the same ingredients in our beers and sharing techniques and recipes with brewers. We're looking forward to learning from local homebrewers as well.

Coffee Program

Black Sands has coffee? Yes, yes we do. Aside from beer we also love coffee and the process of brewing it. Generally we love the idea of taking a seed from a plant, roasting it, crushing it, soaking it in hot water, and straining it into a wonderful tasting beverage. Beer and coffee are similar in so many ways! We are excited to be building out the Black Sands coffee program. Being on the wiggle we're building a small take out window that will feature quality espresso drinks, pour overs and coffees from around the world. We're working with some local based industry experts to develop unique coffee blends exclusive to Black Sands. We're a little bit wired up from all the tastings we've had, but super excited! 


Beer For Life Updates

We're almost in Beta with the app and our in house programmer is fine tuning the bugs. The app will track your Beer for Life program and enable you to "check in" to get drinks. The app will work on iOS devices as well as mobile browsers. 

Visiting and Learning from Friends

Work is important. But friends, family, and fun are often more important. When we aren't jackhammering, brewing, planning, designing, sketching, building, drawing.... we like to revisit the places that made us want to get into the brewing world in the first place. This month we have visited not only the local breweries that inspire us in the city, but many that we have worked and learned at as well. 

Thanks All!

Thanks again to everyone who is helping make Black Sands a reality. We truly appreciate your interest, support, and love of beer! Black Sands!