September Updates

The Sails Are Raised and Trimmed

Dear drinkers of the Black Sands Liquid Gold, thanks to your support, your hunger and your thirst our first two months together have been really exciting. The brewery is locked and loaded, pumping out about 4 house made beers a month. The Kitchen is fully operational serving beautiful dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Coffee is brewed hot and cold, and even thrown into some of our beers. These first few months, the most exciting thing is to be delivering the full Black Sands Experience to everyone who crosses its path. 

A Stampede of SMASH

Our beer program keeps us on our toes. you all love to drink it, and we love you for that love. We have fully embraced the smash series. Our dedication to the craft of simple beer “Single Malt And Single Hop” is fruitful with continual releases of SMASH beers every month. Each of our SMASH beers highlights one outstanding hop variety that we and other home brewers use. We have already released four SMASH beers: 

New Zealand Nelson Sauvin
American Citra
Australian Galaxy
American Mosaic
Releasing Soon! = Australian Ella

We have made a lot of beer in these first few months. Hopefully you have had a chance to try them all, and if not i’m sure we’ll be making them again soon. As always the hops, grains and yeast used to make all of our beers are are available in our homebrew store. Our other beers like to smile for the camera too:

Keeping the Crew Fed

We really like annihilating your taste buds. Our chef Eric Ehler has built and executed an insane lineup of food that pairs perfectly with our beers, whether you drink before noon or not :) Check out instagram ,ourwebsite, or just stop in to taste these dishes that taste as good as they look. Are you hungry yet? No? How about now:

Cocktails Adorn The Deck

Our spirit program is also wind for our sails. We started by selecting a collection of well crafted spirits. Our bar director Nicolas created a tailored list of cocktails that add color, life, fresh ingredients, and complex flavors to the Black Sands Palette. Look down the bar on a Saturday afternoon, or an evening night to see these drinks in actions. We are now serving a short list of brunch cocktails on the weekends, and also have a full spirit list available for individual pours.

Teaching the Dark Arts

It will forever be a goal of ours to make you all into home brewers. Learning to brew beer at home literally changed our entire lives, and we want to pass on the knowledge of the most rewarding hobby in the world. We still teach home brewing classes each month right out of our space. In the next few weeks we will be posting the October class on our event calendar. We have also been taking the opportunity to grow the educational aspect of brewing by doing collaborations with other friends and organizations around the city like Gravel and Gold and Grisette Nouveaux. As always stop in on Saturdays and Sundays for your homebrew supply needs or order online. There are also educational resources and info on our website.

We Like You, Take Us Home

So… Hi there. Its been a few months and well… we wanted to just sit down and talk about “us”. At this point in our relationship we think you may like us?… We just hope you do like us, because it feels like we might really have something here. And well… we think about you a lot. Its so cute that you borrow our tee shirts, and we even got you your own mug for coffee. And your so thoughtful when you open our beer for us at the end of a long day. We just wanted to say that things are going so well and we’re really happy. Whew! So glad we talked about this! Really though, we are making some cool stuff if you ever want to take a piece of us home with you, or gift it to a loved one. There is sure to be a beer pirate in your family.

Beer 4 Life

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our Beer for Life program. We have served many a free beer to our contributors. If you have questions about your account please email us If you are a contributor but have not yet signed up you can follow this link to check your account status. Thanks to All!