February Updates! The First Taste!

The First Taste

Black Sands Black IPA! will be tapped during San Francisco Beer Week for a special collaborative release with the fine folks of Cerveceria!

We are excited to announce that although our brewery is not yet operational, we have collaborated with Cerveceria on 18th and Church  to release the first ever Black Sands beer to the public! Thanks to our awesome friends at Cerveceria we brewed a double batch of our Black IPA and we will tap the limited release on Monday February 9th.

The Son Of Man Black IPA is a a dark, stormy combination of roasted and chocolate malts. Balanced rich malty flavor with citrusy hops and floral aromas. If you don't like Black IPA's then you haven't had this mouth punch stout/IPA combo! 6.9% ABV with an IBU of 60!

The beer will be tapped and available all day until it runs out.

Construction Updates

As we pound through our building, things are starting to shape around us. At this point we are not leaving anything untouched. We poured a brand new concrete floor last month, and by the end of next week our basement will be done. We dug down about 4 feet, hit an underground river and submerged multiple pumps to drain the water. With the water drained, we wired up rebar and poured new concrete walls. Next week we anticipate the windows going back in, and soon after we will be taking down the temporary construction walls. 

Material and Design Choices

With the foundation and concrete work coming to a close, we are taking action on sourcing all of the materials for the interior space. We have previously rendered the space in 3D to help narrow down the choices, but there is still a lot of devil in the details. Just last week we decided on white marble, and stainless steel for the bar countertops, and natural hard woods for the floor above the basement. Seeing the material samples makes it feel very real. We just placed large orders for stone, metal, and wood, so we’ll be ready when the carpenters are done framing out the bar and walls.

Art Walk

We have been actively participating in the local neighborhood and merchant group LOHMNA (Lower Haight Merchants and Neighbors Association) to help with community improvements and events. There are some really exciting projects going on to improve and beautify lower haight. There are historical markers in planning, better street lighting, sewer and water runoff improvements, and community events. We are currently working with the art walk committee to donate the Black Sands space to house a community art project. During the next art walk in March we will open up our space to the public and facilitate the creation of a group art project. Any and all are invited to participate. As March gets closer we will send out additional details about this event. Hope to see you all there!

Home-brew Shop Updates

The home-brew pop up store continues to be an active buzzing of beer talk each weekend. We place large orders of hops, yeast, and grains each week to keep home brewers stocked with the ingredients they need, and we have been building out our equipment inventory to service more advanced brewers. We constantly look at the space and our offering and find better ways to make it work. We have rearranged the layout in the new year to accommodate more inventory, including kegs and CO2 tanks. We started our recipe share program and have anchor steam and magnolia beer recipes available for anyone who wants to recreate great beers from local breweries.

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Beer Making Classes

Interested in beer making but not sure where to start? We love maintaining a beginner’s spirit and are eager to help those interested in beer making. Join Black Sands Brewery and Supply for a day of educational homebrewing. Observe our head brewer Cole Emde going through the entire brewing process from choosing a recipe to pitching the yeast. Learn about the process of all grain homebrewing and get tips and tricks to making great beer at home. We will provide everything that is needed, including a recipe and all the equipment and ingredients. Each participant will have the ability to observe the brewing process, ask questions, take notes, and leave with a 10% off coupon for our homebrew supply store.

Our first class will be held on February 7th from 10am - 4pm at 3378 18th Street in San Francisco. Participants classes are $50, and there is a total of 12 participants. First come first serve on class signup.

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Cocktails in Planning!

The bar at Black Sands is going to be about more than beer. We will of course be manufacturing our own craft beers on premises, but we have a full license to serve liquor as well. Our vision for the cocktail program is to intertwine it with the quality ingredients we use to make our beer. We are developing a unique program with our spirits to infuse them with floral and fruit aromas and flavor them with house made syrups from our grains. We are excited about bringing this unique approach to our cocktail offering at Black Sands. We're working with awesome bartenders , mixologists to develop unique spirits to offer along side our beer!