March 2015 - Skeleton, Muscles, and Nerves

Shaping the Space

If you’ve peeked your head into our space lately you have seen a huge amount of progress happen over the last 4 weeks. At the end of last month we had just poured the last of the concrete in the basement and the Haight street foundation wall. With the concrete and structural work done we have been very busy framing and running plumbing and electric.

Construction Updates Skeleton, Muscles, and Nerves

Now that our creation has ground to walk on we move to the next step. Carpentry work now frames out all of the major interior walls and spaces, and we are nearly complete with the plumbing and electrical wires that run through that skeleton. In the last four weeks we have really seen our space start to build out. Our brand new basement is a huge improvement of storage space, and has the nice hum of well pumps pulling wiggle water out of the ground. We have framed out the woodwork around the three entrance doors, bathroom, kitchen and bar area. The floor above the basement is completely built out and you can walk around the entire floor plan. Also we installed brand new sound proof windows on the pierce side of the street. On top of all that carpentry work and new structures we are nearly complete with the plumbing and electrical work that runs through the new wood beams. 

Interior Design Updates
Skin and Cosmetics

As the inner workings of the building are far along, we are moving into planning the finishing layer of the space. White marble and gray steel for the bar, natural woods for the floor above the basement, and clear finish for the cement floor. We also are making custom wall sconces for soft mood lighting and have ordered beautiful minimal hanging chandeliers for the front entrance way, and custom glassware for the bar and coffee shop. 

News and Events

Events at SF Beer Week
With February hosting San Francisco Beer Week we were very busy this last month. We hosted the well attended collaborative release of our Black IPA at Cerveceria. Sold out quick! 

Thanks in huge part to our friends at Cerveceria we released our first beer through a collaboration on February 9th.

A big thanks to the fine folks and brewers at Cerveceria for allowing us to collaborate and brew our first public beer there. We had a great turnout and had a lot of fun.

March Lower Haight Art Walk

The Lower Haight Art Walk is scheduled for this Saturday, March 7th from 5 to 9pm. Explore through the Lower Haight and swing by Black Sands for music, a peek inside the space under construction and live mural painting!! We'll be answering questions and giving tours!

Beer Updates

Last month we worked towards perfecting a few of our recent recipes, as well as continuing our experimentation with new varieties.

Mist and the Madness

Our Summer hefeweizen “Mist and the Madness” was brewed again in anticipation of some sunnier days later in the year and we evolved our vanilla milk stout with coffee and cocoa nibs. We have been experimenting a lot with nitrous lately also and the types of flavor profiles we want to infuse with the smooth carbonation we get from nitrous infusion.

Black Sands Vs Boba Guys

We are working on a collaboration beer with our friends at the Boba Guys that infuses muscat oolong tea with a smooth milky profile from the nitrous gas. 

Brown Ale Confections

We also have a new creamy, rich, and bold brown ale with milk sugar poured on nitrous that is reminiscent of perfect caramel confections. 

Look for all of these beers in the coming months! We're moving full steam ahead and eager to get going!