June Updates: The Mask removed

The Mask Removed

As goes with major building construction, a protective wall is put up to protect people walking by, and also keep people out when the walls literally weren’t there. Well that wall is down. First we tore a section out ourselves so we could get the brewing equipment in. Then we ripped the whole thing down late last week. So now when you walk down you can peek in the windows and see our progress. 

Construction Updates

This could very well be the last newsletter that includes a “construction” section. So for one last time, soak up the fun of seeing us pretend we are carpenters, tile workers, electricians, welders, concrete shapers, and painters (we have done all of these jobs in the last 3 months). Its been quite fun to be honest… but, we’re ready to make beer (and food, and coffee, and cocktails)

The brewery is here

Once banished to isolation in a lonely desolate warehouse, our beautiful stainless steel brewery has finally crossed the threshold. She is so happy to be clean, plugged in, and starting to socialize again. A few more pipes to connect her to the cooling system and we will be up and running.

Table Seating

All the table seating for dining is built. A combination of marble 2 tops, and larger wood communal tables will provide some great cozy spot to enjoy a beer and some food.

Hardwood Flooring

Beautiful natural hardwood floors are installed over the basement. They cascade up the walls to frame the table seating in the front of the bar. 


Our hanging lights, spot lights, outside lights, and wall sconces are completely installed and working. So nice to have lights to work with! It’s even nicer to have a toilet, but it feels weird to have a photo highlight of that.

Steel counters

We worked with local welders to construct all of our steel counters, and with a fresh powder coat, and a few concrete screws they are secured down and ready to hold coffee, beer and food.

Hanging shelves

The shelving behind the bar and above the kitchen is bolted in. Soon they will be filled with glassware, tableware and spirits.

Lumber yard visits

With the shelves installed, we made a few visits to the lumber yard to get the white oak for the shelving. thanks to @techshopSF for letting us use their giant saw to rip the wood down to size. A few more cuts and the shelving will be complete.

Wall Art

Our back accent wall where the brewery and back counter meet is freshly painted with a Black Sands mural. Try to see if you can find all the hidden symbols in the endless swirls of beer.


Yesterday we visited our favorite restaurant supply warehouse in Oakland. This time chef Eric Ehler came with us to get his choice layout. The final kitchen appliances were delivered today and should be installed by the end of the week. Eric is hard at work coming up with ridiculously creative and mouth watering dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The kegerators, ice machine, sinks, bells, and whistles are all ordered and being positioned. in a few short days the bar area will be filled out and plumbed. We recently brought a friend Nick Torres on to help us organize and plan for the most optimal bar layout and cocktail program.  We're also thankful to Matt Wyne who has been helping us shape the direction of our upcoming cocktails.


With brewing classes being taught, fruit beer experiments, nitrous infusion experiments, and another beer release we are getting a lot of practice for when we get our brewing license WHICH HAPPENED THIS MORNING. We had our ABC inspection this morning. Our license is approved and should be issued by Friday. Why don’t you come celebrate with us at Cerveceria tomorrow night? We are releasing another collaboration beer experiment: a smoked black ale with cardamom. 6PM. Be there (yes the game will be on)


The nice folks at De La Paz stopped by on Monday (We lured then in with Arizmendi pizza). They stopped in to take a look at our new counters, and help organize and plan the coffee program. Great to have awesome partners to bring amazing local roasted coffee to the Lower Haight. Soon we will have fresh brewed coffee, espresso, and breakfast available for the wiggle commuters. 


June should be a fun month. A few more inspections, more finishing work, and the gears will start turning. Thanks for your patience and support!