July Newsletter - This Ship Hits Shore


We now have a full hull. At the end of last month we had the ship built, but still on land and with no crew… no cargo. This last month we filled this ship up with beans, barrels of ale, dark and light spirits and food for the voyage. Then we sourced a full crew to man the deck and trim the sails. Onward.

Coffee is Imminent

Our Marzocco espresso machine is installed and working. We are literally days away from starting to serve the morning commute with caffeine and breakfast. We have hired a great staff of baristas, secured our pastry partner, and built out a fantastic menu of breakfast items. Think about a house made Hawaiian doughnut with a freshly pulled shot of De La Paz espresso. Or a warm latte with our Molokai breakfast bowl… or hey just a black cup of coffee and a high five. also ask about the Matcha… And maybe you’ll even catch us brewing a house beer if you get here early enough!

Beers Are Fermenting

If you have walked by on a late night anytime in the past week you may have caught the sweet aroma of our grains steeping. Last week we brewed 3 batches of beer and they are quickly fermenting. These will be the first real Black Sands beers for all of your mouths. In a few more days we will be packaging our SMASH Nelson, Son of Man black IPA, and our Empire Saison. What could be a sweeter smell than the brewing of a beer on a summer night as you wiggle on by.

Food is Prepped

Our head Chef Eric is just pounding away at his kitchen and really filling it out. Fire inspection and plumbing inspections are passed, and everything is ordered and prepped. Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are set, and as soon as we pass final health inspection Eric is going to be curing meats, pickling immensely, and firing up the grills. First up is the breakfast menu including a DFT fresh torta, Lanai stone fruit toast, Molokai breakfast bowl, and the Kauai Malasada. Lunch service will soon follow with a healthy kale salad and likely a fried chicken sandwich. Get your palettes ready.


We’ve been working closely with our head bartender Nicoles Torres to design out a stellar menu and experienced staff. The list of spirits is growing and the shelves are getting full. We have hand selected all of our spirits from manufacturers who control their entire process like we do. With a great selection of hand made spirits and the experience and creativity behind the bar we think you’ll be loving our cocktail list. Also a big shout out to our friend Matthew Wyne for all the inspiration and great cocktail experiments along the way.

Bottles to Go

Some exciting new coming out of the black sands homebrew shop. With our license approved we outfitted the space with a new fridge. Inside this cold vessel is an assortment of our favorite beers. Now you can grab a tall boy, six pack, or bomber on your way home or your ride to the park. With the bottle shop up and running we are looking for feedback from the daily wiggle folk. Send us an email, tweet or comment and let us know what beers you want, and also when you want the bottle shop open! 


There is a lot going on inside these walls. Too much to cover in a monthly email. How about we queue you up with a few questions and you can come by and say hi! Are you dying to ask us questions but don’t know what to ask? Here you go, have fun with these:

  • Why did we build a spaceship on the roof?
  • Which beer of ours won a first place ribbon recently?
  • What do you see when you look UP in the home-brew shop?
  • What is Matcha?
  • Can Queso be healthy?
  • What is a Zombie Navel? 

Brewing Classes

We had to take a slight hiatus last month on teaching our classes. The brewery going in took up all of Cole’s time. This month we are back and we are scheduling the July class for the 18th. Check out our online store to buy a ticket.

A Few More Surprises

As we write you all these intimate details of our process it almost seems like the end to us. We have taken what was once a vacant pit of sand and turned it into our vision of Black Sands. But, guaranteed this is just the beginning. There are still a few more surprises, and hopefully a wealth of delights are in store as this black sands ship hits shore.

Look to the Horizon.