October 2016 Updates

The New New

Hello from Black Sands! We have some exciting updates on the beer and food front! We recently installed a new 7 barrel fermenter, nearly doubling our fermentation capacity, so more beer for your mouths. We also are filling more barrels for our barrel aging program, keeping those special beers hibernating in whiskey and port barrels for enhanced character. With more beers being made, we ordered some new custom kegs to keep up with the fermentation. And, most importantly, see below for our newest beer lineup, and brand new food menu.

New Beers

Double Smash Mosaic - On Tap Now!
100% Rahr Pale Ale Malt with 100% Mosaic hops. Next level hop complexity of fruit punch ranging from strawberry, kiwi, melon, balanced by a medium body and a easy drinking bitterness. 

King's Tide Saison - On Tap Now!
A new beer featuring a unique saison blend from local yeast lab GigaYeast. This beer has a foundation of Pilsner and Wheat malts. The base to showcase this complex yeast strain. Flavors of spice, pepper, with hints of bubblegum. A decent malt backbone and just a light splash of hops for structure. Light bodied, yet tons of flavor. Great for pairing with our new food menu.

Ruinenlust - On Tap Now!
A German Themed IPA using all German Malts and all German Hops, including Magnum, Hallertau Blanc, and Mandarina Bavaria. Large dry-hops contribute to the passion fruit like flavors and aroma with a balanced bitterness. We have made this one a few times, and it tastes better every time. 

Midnight Rye - Coming Soon!
Dark malts and Rye combined with citrus hops deliver a unique profile of char, roast, and spice with a pronounced bitterness. This recipe is our base Black IPA (Son of Man) but we added chocolate rye, pale rye, and flaked rye to our mash for a zing to the dark malts. Hops include: Galena, Magnum, Citra and Cascade.

Barrel Aged Beers in the works:
Our barrel aging program is in its fledgling stages. We have been slowly acquiring the barrels that we want to pair our beers with. Each barrel has had a life of its own long before rolling on to our deck. Each has its own character and unique flavors that it can impart. We released our first barrel aged beer last month. Two more are in the works:

Barrel Aged Midnight Rye

Our Black Rye IPA is being aged in a Spirit Works Rye Whiskey barrel. The barrel is American oak and had a 2 year old whiskey in it before we got it. Its been aging for a few months, and needs a bit more time before hitting the glass. Release date TBD

Barrel Aged King's Tide

Our base Saison aged in a once used Gary Farrell Pino Barrel made of French Oak. Releasing in about 100 days.


New Dinner Menu

We have a brand new, fully redesigned dinner menu. Our signature burger and chicken sandwich are staples, with a collection of creative small plates for sharing, and pairing. Enjoy.

Broccoli Fried Rice:
This fried rice is very similar to the previous fried rice, except for the fact that it is vegan. They can add a fried egg, but this is a straight up vegan option. It is big enough to be a vegan entree, or a good one to share between 2 or 3 people.

Koji Fried Chicken:
Our version of chicken nuggets: made with chicken thighs from Mary’s in Petaluma, marinated in ginger, garlic, soy, and koji, then battered and fried. The Koji give the chicken a nice boozy flavor and also aids in the caramelization of of its skin. The dish is then dusted with Matcha and served with a smokey ranch and IPA BBQ sauce. This is the best snack to have with any beer.

Shrimp Toast:
A classic dim sum item: finely chopped shrimp that is spread on bread, and fried. Flavored with curry paste, and PHO mayo (all the ingredients of Pho soup blended with mayo). Served with a small garnish salad of cherry tomatoes, herbs, and watermelon radish. This dish is already a house favorite. 

Chili Wontons:
House made wontons tossed in a lovely peanut and chili oil sauce. Garnished with a balsamic reduction, dill sprigs, and sesame seeds. Inspired by our favorite dumping shops around the city, these are delightful little morsels. 

Tofu Katsu Curry Sando
Inspired by our friends at Ken Ken Ramen and their wonderful curry dishes, this is a vegetarian curried sandwich version. The tofu is breaded with panic, fried, and topped with shredded cabbage, pickled ginger, and a veggie filled curry. The bun has katsu sauce and kewpie mayo on it.

Black Sands Burger:
Our classic burger. unchanged. till amazing. Two patties smashed and grilled, shredduce, american cheese, and our special sauce. add an egg if you are not a coward.

Spicy Fried Chicken Sando:
Our very special fried chicken sandwich. It is pretty spicy! and ultimately delicious. Its breaded and fried, and peppered with tabasco oil, and our house spice mix. topped with slaw and pickles. Spicy, crunchy, delicious. 

Kimchi Masa Pancake
Comes with our house pickles, dusted with toasted sesame seeds, and topped with scallions

Carne Asada Spare Ribs
dripping with flavor, served with a house made mexi-slaw, cebbollitas and roast peppers

Fried Brussels Sprouts
They are back in season, and back on the menu! A sweet zing of honey, spice of chili, puffed grains for a crisp bite, and meyer lemon aioli. Fried to crisp perfection.

Fall Salad:
Our healthy side showing through and can be made vegan! This vegan salad is a collection of arugula, a sweet punch of pomegranate, nuts, apples and bacon. If you want to get crazy with some extra protein, try ordering the Koji fried chicken dish to go on top!