Supporting Home Brewer and The Brewing Community

We started as homebrewers and we love the culture, spirit, and creativity of the hobby. Our supply store is a place for beginners and experienced homebrewers to get everything they need to make beer. We are here for questions, advice, or just to have a beer with and talk homebrew.



All of our breweries recipes are available in the homebrew store. For homebrewers or just the beer-curious. Swing by to pick up a copy or view them all online:


We have everything from beginner kits to advanced refractometers and conical mini-fermenters. Stop in the store to see what we have. Click below to see a basic overview of the equipment you need to get started.

Resources to Learn

We have created a number of resources to help homebrewers learn and perfect their craft. Start with an overview of brewing, and download instructions and recipes for your first or 100th batch!


Class Schedule

Once per month we teach an introduction to homebrewing class. Observe our head brewer Cole Emde going through the entire all grain brewing process from choosing a recipe to pitching the yeast. Learn about the mashing and sparging process of homebrewing and get tips and tricks to making great beer at home. We will provide everything that is needed, including a recipe, all the equipment and ingredients. Each participant will have the ability to observe the brewing process, ask questions, take notes, and leave with a 10% off coupon for our homebrew supply store.